Famous Art That Might Be Overrated

When it comes to the world of famous art, there are undoubtedly some works that stand tall above the rest. There is, of course, good reason that these works receive so much attention. But is it all a bit blown out of proportion?

No one would ever question if the following artworks are or aren’t masterpieces, but there is some credence to the argument that they are overrated. Especially when taking into account other work by the same artists, which is arguably better than the works that are more widely known.

Mona Lisa

Widely known as the most famous painting on the planet, the Mona Lisa is the topic of so many studies that it is impossible to keep track of all of them. But why is it so focused on, when Leonardo Da Vinci did so many other works, many of them as good as, or arguably even better than, the Mona Lisa?

An aspect to keep in mind is the size of the painting itself. Next time you’re playing online bingo games in NZ, Google the size of the Mona Lisa. It is probably much smaller than you think, especially in comparison to other Da Vinci paintings.

Campbell Soup Cans

There are few names that conjure as much iconic imagery as Andy Warhol. He was, after all, the spear that drove pop art, ultimately ushering in a new era of experimental imagery. Some love his artwork, and others think it is simply silly. Whatever your opinion, he was an important figure in world of art, and certainly shook things up.

But as far as his art is concerned, Campbell Soup Cans is often the most recognised. It simply shows the designs of soup cans, one after the next. In 1962 it sold for nearly $12 million. The value was naturally based more around the reputation of Warhol himself than anything else, which leads many to argue if the artwork itself really deserves so much attention.

Café Terrace At Night

There is absolutely no question that Van Gogh was an artistic genius. His works such as The Starry Night and The Potato Eaters are mesmerising, stirring deep emotions with their harsh colour contrasts and twisting of reality. By comparison, Café Terrace At Night, by far one of his most popular works, simply doesn’t seem to be one of his better creations.

This is arguable, of course, and even suggesting that a Van Gogh isn’t the best may well even enrage certain folks. But look for yourself and draw your own conclusion.

No. 5

Last we have one of the most controversial paintings of all time, by one of the most controversial artists; Jackson Pollock’s No. 5. If you haven’t seen it lately, take another look, and then attach the sum of $140 million. This is what is was most recently sold for.

We are well aware of the impact his creations had, and have heard the dramatic story of his life. But we struggle to give it as much credence as something like The Last Supper, for example.