Art In Everyday Life

When we think of art, we often think of incredible physical creations. Paintings, sculptures and ceramic work all remind us of not only incredible art today, but some of the best art that the world has seen in decades gone by. This article is less about the praised art, but some forms of art we forget to appreciate in our daily lives. Having a better appreciation for the art that surrounds you every day can lead to a better appreciation of life. Art is all around us, we just need to know where to look.

Interior Design

Interior design is a surprising topic when it comes to the world of art. The combination of colour, design, function and form all melding seamlessly to such a point where it is able to go unnoticed takes a special set of skills and a great eye for flow. When a good interior designer is left to their own accord to make an area how they want to make it, the results can be a very special artistic impression.

This stands true not just for interior design but building design too, however, it is less common to see designers experimenting with buildings as the cost of failed projects is astronomically high. Next time you walk into a building, pay close attention to the colour and design, the results may astound you.


In recent years, music availability has become so abundant and some genres so generic that it could be easy to forget the artistic flare of some amazing musicians. We have become so accustomed to music being a background given, that we have forgotten how to always appreciate it. Take your favourite album and listen to it without doing anything else, listen with the intent of listening to get a sense of the artistic nature.

Art In Your Home

Everybody has art in their home, whether they intend to or not. The difference comes in if we are still able to see the art in items when seeing them every day. The pattern on a comforter, the window sill design or a stunning marble or granite counter top, all is art worth appreciating. The big trick is actually realizing it and appreciating the art in your home for what it is.

Personal Appearance

The personal appearance of those around you can be appreciated as art too. A tasteful watch matching an outfit, a stunning handbag made from a special material or even the way a person does their hair is all worth appreciating as these small decisions and choices can lead to a very artistic and thoughtful way of presenting oneself.

Appreciating Art

While the above is just some smaller examples of art in everyday life, there is no shortage of art to be had looking no further than nature around us. The main goal should be honing our ability to recognize art and appreciate the art that is around us. It can be easy to ignore art if we see it every day, we need to appreciate this art every chance we get.