Understanding The Genius Of Leonardo Da Vinci

It’s a name that most of the world has heard, and one that’s attached to countless pieces of incredible art that has changed the art world as we know it. His countless notebooks, diagrams, musings, observations, and attention to detail set him apart in a world already full of masters, and it was his ever-present curiosity that would eventually lead him to create the world famous art that we love today.

But what made Da Vinci so different from the rest of the master artists around him, and why has his work remained so popular among the public? The answers to these questions lie in the aspects of Da Vinci’s life that would set him up to be quite different from most of the people around him.

His Observations

Da Vinci was extremely well known for his insatiable curiosity around him, and he endlessly sought to capture all the details of the world that surrounded him. And despite that he didn’t have a formal education, the inventor spent a lot of his time teaching himself the skills that he needed to successfully feed his curiosity, such as learning Latin in order to take proper notes. His curiosity didn’t stop there, however, and he would eventually become so enamoured with the human body that he would dissect cadavers in order to learn how it all fits together. It was these experiments that taught Da Vinci about the complexities of a human and would ultimately allow him to replicate the human form on a canvas, something that most artists notoriously have difficulty with.

A Quest For Perfection

Leonard was not just a painter, but also a writer, inventor, mathematician, biologist, architect, map maker, and more. His notebooks encompass over 5000 pages of writing, where he detailed just about anything and everything that piqued his interest. It was an endless quest for answers where he had infinite questions, and it led him to constantly improve his own work that would eventually lead to his greatest creation: the Mona Lisa painting, which sits in The Louvre today, and which most people would need to win at ausbet.net.au in order to be able to buy on auction.

The Mona Lisa

One of the greatest examples of his true talent can be found in the Mona Lisa, arguably the most famous painting in the world. There are multiple reasons that the painting has gained that fame that it has, and each one lends itself to what made Da Vinci such a unique artist. Using his vast knowledge of the human muscular system, combined with a bit of creativity, Da Vinci was able to impart true emotion into a lifeless image, essentially giving the Mona Lisa a smile that we still obsess over today.

This was what made this painting so special – unlike most artists, who merely replicated the world that they saw in flat, two dimensional images, Da Vinci gave Lisa’s portrait inner emotions that are perfectly reflected in the painting. And it’s a painting that looks different from every angle, testament to his skill with a brush.