3 Tips To Become A Successful Digital Illustrator

For many people creating digital art is more than just a hobby. It is a passion that has turned into a career. Currently, there are many possibilities to turn your art into your main income source, especially with all of the platforms available on which art can be bought and sold.

There is and has always been a need for art, and digital illustrators are more sought out now than ever before. Thriving in an industry that is highly saturated is, however, a difficult task. You’ll need to master your craft, as well as your brand, in order to be truly successful. Here are three tips to help kickstart your lucrative digital art career.

Create Your Portfolio

For artists, a portfolio is basically a CV, and like in any industry, your portfolio needs to showcase your talents and your history in order to get your name out there. A portfolio is highly important for artists because, most of the time, a creator works on his own terms. If you want people to hire you, you need to be able to show them what you can do. Your portfolio needs to be littered with your illustrations, creations, and achievements.

You’ll also need to find a suitable online platform where you can display your portfolio – preferably one that scouts and potential clients would like to trawl in search of their next business artist. There are a variety of platforms, including Wix, Instagram, and Tumblr, which are perfectly suited for self-promotion, art creation, and potential business interactions.

Choose Your Projects Carefully

As mentioned above, the digital art industry is extremely saturated. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it means that art is thriving in the modern world. It wouldn’t be incorrect to state that art is currently more popular than ever before.

This is why you need to specify the type of art you specialize in. It is better to be a master of one than a jack of all trades in a market that is highly populated and as competitive as the Canada casino online industry. This means that clients looking for a specific type of artist will choose you instead of someone that works with a variety of different mediums.

Expand Your Network and Make Meaningful Connections

Being a freelance artist is difficult. You need to connect with other artists in the industry, make friends, and work hard to expand your professional network. Reach out to clients if you’d like to work with them. Speak to other artists and try and collaborate where possible.

Having many connections in the art world will only lead to more work coming your way. It will also get your name out there as someone that is good to work with. This kind of industry is cutthroat, and the only way to be truly successful is to be a person who has a good reputation.

Applying these three tips in your business ventures in the digital art industry will only serve to improve your income and your reputation.