The Oldest Cave Paintings Across The World

Humans have always valued art, and while we tend to picture Picasso or Da Vinci when we think of the world’s most famous art, we often forget that our ancestors were very much artists themselves, and left the evidence in caves around the world. Wherever a cave system can be found on any part of the globe, there will undoubtedly be evidence that ancient humans once visited and even settled there, often using the walls of the caves to inscribe their religious beliefs. Many of these works of art can still be found, and are worth visiting at least once.

  1. Laas Gaal Paintings – Somalia

Laas Gaal is a cave complex and shelter that can be found in the northwestern part of the country of Somalia, and contains some of the oldest cave paintings in the world. Scientists believe that these paintings were first created 11000 to 5000 years ago, and most depict ceremonial robes, cows, dogs, and themselves. They are extremely well preserved, and the outlines and colours are still very much visible today. The Laas Gaal artwork is among the most vivid of their kind, and was drawn as part of the people’s beliefs during the time, often which tied directly with owning livestock, such as cows.

  1. Bhimbetka – Bhopal

Found in central India, Bhimbetka is made up of more than 600 caves and shelters adorned with ancient Indian art. Mainly created in colours of red and white, with some green and yellow, the paintings depict life as it was back then, where the land was abundant with animal life. Animals such as bison, lions, crocodiles, and tigers can be found, with many of these pieces dating back as far as 12000 years. Starting in the Mesolithic era and ranging to Medieval times, these paintings are a historic journal that have stood the test of time, allowing researchers to gain an idea of what the ancient people of India would have faced as they build their civilisations in the area, and it’s a far cry from our modern world, where we have the technology to communicate with anyone at any time while also being able to place your bets at NZ casinos simultaneously.

  1. Serra da Capivara – Brazil

Housed in the Serra Capivara National Park in northeastern Brazil, this selection of ancient cave paintings can be found throughout the many rock shelters that dot the area. The paintings consist of works of rituals and hunting, along with trees and animals. Researchers believe that these are some of the oldest works of art in the world, first started around 25000 years ago, although many continue to dispute this claim. Many of the complex sceneries that these paintings are made up of include supernatural beings, dancing, and hunting, and they remain a popular visit for many to this day.

  1. Altamira Cave – Spain

Often cited as the oldest range of cave paintings in the world, Altamira can be found in northern Spain, and was first discovered in the 19th century. The paintings are such high quality that many in the scientific community continue to doubt their authenticity. Despite this, there are some that believe the paintings are almost 37000 years old, which would make them among the very oldest human creations in the world if proven true.